My time is New York has been amazing.

Networking and meetings went so all ended in an exciting project im currently working on. As soon Im 'allow' to speak more about it, I will definitely fill you in:)

Now to the hard part PACKING hehe. Im leaving for JFK in a few hours, home to Copenhagen - Beautiful New York, thanks for having me


Dj Hones is a well known and a talented Dj and producer. His album will be out at the end of 2013 and I had the privileged to shoot the album cover.

Our creativity clicked right away, so it made the photoshoot easier, fun and exciting. It was a great and productive day in Pingpongstudios and it was a true pleasure working with Dj Hones. You can follow Dj Hones journey on twitter

Have the best weekend everybody!


September 30th is a special day for me. I’m leaving for New York for a month.

While I’m there. I’ll be meeting up with other photographers. Photoshoots in beautiful locations, and ofcause alot of networking and meetings. I’m very excited and honestly I can’t wait. We all know dreams aren't achieved by sitting around and waiting, hehe..

I’ll keep you updated with my latest news and pictures from the big apple.


Hallo everyone.

Welcome to my journey into the world of photography. I’ll keep you updated with my latest news, photoshoots, behind the scene pictures, and ofcause my latest portfolio work.

Thanks alot Sincerely





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